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Steven Nadler

Steven Nadler is the William H. Hay II Professor of Philosophy, Evjue-Bascom Professor in Humanities, and Weinstein-Bascom Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His books include A Book Forged in Hell: Spinoza’s Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age (Princeton, 2011), The Philosopher, the Priest and the Painter: A Portrait of Descartes (Princeton, 2013), Spinoza: A Life (Cambridge, 1999, winner of the Koret Jewish Book Award), and Rembrandt’s Jews (Chicago, 2003, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize). His latest publication, with his son Ben Nadler, is the graphic book Heretics! The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy (Princeton, 2017). His biography of Menasseh ben Israel will appear in the “Jewish Lives” series (Yale University Press) in the fall of 2018.

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