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Sonia Lehman-Frisch

Sonia Lehman-Frisch is Professor of Geography at Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre-La Défense, where she is affiliated with the Mosaïques/LAVUE (UMR 7218) research laboratory. She is junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France.

A specialist of US cities, and of San Francisco in particular, her research focuses on issues of segregation, gentrification, spatial justice and the relation of people (especially children) to the neighborhood and to the city. She has published (among others):

 Ségrégation et justice spatiale, (ed.) with S. Fol and M. Morange, Nanterre, Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest, collection « Espace et Justice », 2013

 « Le goût des autres: Gentrification told by children », avec J.-Y. Authier, Urban Studies, vol. 50, n°3, 2013, pp. 994-1010

 « ’Draw me your neighborhood’: A gentrified Paris neighbourhood through its children’s eyes », with J.-Y. Authier and F. Dufaux, Children’s Studies, vol. 10, n°1, 2012, pp. 17-34

 « Segregation, spatial (in)Justice and the city », Berkeley Planning Journal, vol. 24, n° 1, 2011, pp. 70-90

 « Gentrifieurs, gentrifiés : Co-habiter dans le quartier de la Mission (San Francisco) », Espaces et Sociétés, n°132-133, 2008, pp. 143-160

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