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Empowerment, From Theory to Practice
An Interview with Marie-Hélène Bacqué

by Nicolas Duvoux , 8 July 2013
translated by Kate McNaughton
with the support of Florence Gould Foundation

Empowerment is a new concept in France. M.-H. Bacqué spent some time in the United States studying this approach to public policy which aims to give power to individuals. She is now carrying out an assignment for the French Urban Ministry to promote the practice of empowerment, together with M. Mechmache from AC-LeFeu. Will public institutions learn how to trust civil society?

The following interview was first published in La Vie des Idées in May 2012 and is now published in Books & Ideas with English subtitles.

Video shot and edited by Ariel Suhamy.

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by Nicolas Duvoux, 8 July 2013

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