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On the Green Side
A Summer Selection, part 3

by The editorial team , 29 July 2019

Books & Ideas is slowing down for the summer. In the meantime, here is our weekly selection of reviews published over the past year.


Olivier Dorlin, “Ecological Cinema
Hollywood cinema tends to represent climate change in catastrophist and sensationalistic movies. By contrast, a new type of ecological cinema emerges in which the issue of sustainability is taken into account not only as a theme, but also within the film production process. Read the essay→


Rémi Beau, “Who Wants Nature to Die?
Faced with the Anthropocene, the philosopher Virginie Maris defends a compelling vision of the wilderness. Condemning recent developments in environmental thinking, she urges us to withstand its current refocusing on an exclusively human world.
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Sébastien Duchêne, “Green Money
Socially responsible investment, green bonds, extra-financial rating agencies: ‘climate finance’ has developed over the last few years. Without State involvement, will these tools suffice to finance the transition toward a carbon neutral global economy?
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by The editorial team, 29 July 2019

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